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Trying out GCC Emacs

100 Days to Offload Challenge This is post 3 as part of the #100DaysToOffload challenge. The point is to write 100 posts on a personal blog in a year. Quality isn't as important as quantity so some posts may be a little messy. Read other posts in this challenge. I…

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Using Run Command in Emacs for RSpec Watch Mode

Run Command is a really nifty Emacs package that abstracts away running arbitrary shell commands into a nice ivy or helm (or other completion frameworks) frontend. I saw a few of the examples and immediately got an idea for using it to build an RSpec watch mode. It's a tiny optim…

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Literate Org Configs

Org mode is one of the greatest things Emacs has to offer. With a vibrant ecosystem of packages and a large number of resources available it's easy to do just about anything with org mode. Org-babel-tangle A great feature of org-mode comes in a package called org-babel. This is a…