Rewrote this site... Again

New Blog, Who dis?

I've rewritten this site twice in 4 months. Why? I wasn't happy with the complexity of the site I had. Yes it was extremly simple in of itself, but I wanted something I knew in and out completely. I also wanted the bundle size to be as small as possible. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to dig deeper into Zola and use SimpleCSS. At the end of this rewrite we went from ~215KiB to about ~20KiB and an insanely fast render time. I'm sure that will go up some in the future but it's probably ok.

This rewrite will also spark more of a personal change in my approach to writing. I plan on starting the #100DaysToOffload challenge soon, with the support of Fosstodon which will bring a heavy casualness to my writing. All those posts will probably be tagged as #100DaysToOffload so keep an eye out for those. I also just plan on writing about tech as I discover it instead of trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about (which probably doesn't work most of the time anyway).

That being said future plans are of course to write more, 100 blogs in a year means 2 times a week so expect to see a lot more content with probably less coherance than you'd expect. More future plans include adding GoatCounter and possibly email list functionality.

Anyway, I hope to see you around, and feel free to hit me up on a social channel if you have comments about the site or what I'm working on.