Category: Development

Thoughts on Interfaces for Models

After making small changes to a model, it got me thinking hard about how I build interfaces.

State Design Pattern

State Design Pattern is often overlooked in favor State Machines when it comes to Rails and object state management. However, the State Design Pattern is a highly effective open/closed solution to many state design woes.

Double Polymorphic Associations in Rails

A quick overview of using associations to define good domain descriptions as well as good behavior.

Trying out GCC Emacs

I've always had complaints about emacs performance but the latest native compilation branch squashes any concerns I have with it.

Using Run Command in Emacs for RSpec Watch Mode

I am a sucker for small micro-optimizations in my Emacs config. The Run Command package gives plenty of opportunity for that, while also building powerful automation opportunities. Here's the config I came up with for an RSpec watch mode.

Resolving client side routes in Rails

Tell Rails to pass routes to a client with a nifty helper.

Dockerize Create React App

I'm relatively new to using Docker and wanted a quick way to spin up a small React application using Docker so I could easily share it as a proof of concept for features I develop at work. Here's a quick guide to dockerizing a React app made with create-react-app.

Literate Org Configs

Managing dotfiles with org mode is exceptionally easy with tools like org-babel-tangle.