I'm JD Gonzales, a developer based out of Dallas, Texas. I specialize in building web applications using a variety of tooling. Lately, I've been interested in C and Rust and learning about systems programming. I'm transitioning into the IndieWeb and am an advocate for FOSS. I have a Twitter and Instagram but I'm trying to phase those out of my life :).


Professional Life

I am currently a Data Platform Developer at Shopify. I build and maintain the tooling used to organize the reporting needs of the data organization.

I was a Senior Software Engineer for Modern Message, which is owned by RealPage Inc. I worked there for 4 years from 2017-2021 and had a wide range of projects come across my plate from rewriting the base of our frontend into React to building a custom authentication strategy.

Personal Life

I'm happily married to my beautiful wife, Jules, and have an amazing son, Jesse (the 3 J's were not intentional... I promise). In my spare spare time I'm also a musician, D&D player, and a junior meat smoker.

This Site

This site is powered by Zola static site generator. It also uses the tale theme by aaranxu. It's hosted on Netlify with code on Github. I'm hoping to keep the JS non-existent for the long term, but I'm sure some will eventually find it's way in as I'm hoping to develop an email list in the future when my writing finally gets serious and implement a privacy first OSS analytics solution like Goat Counter.

Future Improvements
  • Add resume somewhere...
  • CSS Only Hamburger Menu for Mobile Nav
  • Reads page with it's own taxonomies to track what I'm reading and give summeries of books.
  • Projects page
  • GoatCounter Analytics