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Using SSH Tunneling

March 01, 2021 #100DaysToOffload,  ssh 

Use SSH Dynamic Port Forwarding/Tunnel to route web traffic.

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Trying out GCC Emacs

February 20, 2021 #100DaysToOffload,  emacs 

I've always had complaints about emacs performance but the latest native compilation branch squashes any concerns I have with it.

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Thoughts on Interfaces for Models

February 11, 2021 programming,  #100DaysToOffload,  architecture 

After making small changes to a model, it got me thinking hard about how I build interfaces.

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#100DaysToOffload Challenge

February 10, 2021 #100DaysToOffload,  writing,  personal 

I'm taking part in the #100DaysToOffload challenge: Write 100 blogs in a year.

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Rewrote this site... Again

February 10, 2021 zola,  foss,  personal 

This is the second time I've re-written this site in 4 months.

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Using Run Command in Emacs for RSpec Watch Mode

February 02, 2021 emacs,  elisp 

I'm a sucker for small micro-optimizations in my Emacs config. The Run Command package gives plenty of opportunity for that, while also building powerful automation opportunities. Here's the config I came up with for an RSpec watch mode.

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Resolving client side routes in Rails

January 09, 2021 rails,  ruby 

Tell Rails to pass routes to a client with a nifty helper.

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Dockerize Create React App

January 02, 2021 react,  docker 

I'm relatively new to using Docker and wanted a quick way to spin up a small React application using Docker so I could easily share it as a proof of concept for features I develop at work. Here's a quick guide to dockerizing a React app made with create-react-app.

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Literate Org Configs

December 28, 2020 emacs,  org mode 

Managing dotfiles with org mode is exceptionally easy with tools like org-babel-tangle.

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Organizing Work is Hard

November 27, 2019 career,  soft skills 

Taking on organizational responsibility for other developers work is hard work in of itself. It's a careful balance of planning, architecture, and confidence.

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